All the Savory Non-Foils Bundle



Shipping begins March 8th.

1x Deceptive Divination
1x Prismatic Nightmares
1x Just Add Milk: Second Helpings
1x Hard-Boiled Thrillers
1x Showcase: Murders at Karlov Manor
1x The Beauty of the Beasts
Eligible for 1x Foil The Scorpion God promo

This bundle celebrates the essence of what makes a drop super. You’ll find a fusion of full-bodied cards and gourmet art resulting in a bundle that’s both new and timeless. Bite into these robust cards to discover a mouthfeel that’s light, flaky and almost papery. And don’t forget the promo card garnish. Bon appétit.

Get 1x Foil The Scorpion God promo with the purchase of select bundles. T&Cs may apply.

The copy of the card Circular Logic found in the “Deceptive Divination” drop was inadvertently printed as a sorcery, though we assure you, you can still cast it as an instant and the oracle text rules remain accurate. The error is found in both foil and non-foil versions.