All the Sweet Foils Bundle(Pre order)



Shipping begins March 8th.

1x Deceptive Divination Foil Edition
1x Prismatic Nightmares Foil Edition
1x Just Add Milk: Second Helpings Foil Edition
1x Hard-Boiled Thrillers Foil Edition
1x Showcase: Murders at Karlov Manor Foil Edition
1x The Beauty of the Beasts Foil Edition
Eligible for 1x Foil The Scorpion God promo

Our All the Sweet Foils Bundle is a discerning degustation of six small-plate, all-foil drops with one extra special promo card. Chef crafted each individual drop with unique recipes that balance the sweetness of great cards with the tanginess of unique art. And of course, the signature glaze makes everything on the plate shine.

Get 1x Foil The Scorpion God promo with the purchase of select bundles. T&Cs may apply.

The copy of the card Circular Logic found in the “Deceptive Divination” drop was inadvertently printed as a sorcery, though we assure you, you can still cast it as an instant and the oracle text rules remain accurate. The error is found in both foil and non-foil versions.