Arcane Rising Booster Box (Alpha)



Now, the ancients are reawakening, threatening to bring an end to this era of prosperity. To the north, the people of Aria are protected by powerful magics; accustomed to a life of comfort and constant celebration, they remain ignorant to a disturbance in the Flow, as their ancient barriers begin to unravel. In the east, the proud Misterians live beneath a veil of mist, preserving a culture rich with tradition. A people as steadfast and mysterious as the mountains they call home, they prefer to remain isolated from the outside world. But even they cannot escape the change which ripples across Rathe. Far to the west, the Savage Lands are overflowing with beast and brutes that have been driven far beyond the ancient boundaries of the jungle. They descend upon unsuspecting villages in a blind frenzy, becoming vicious harbingers of destruction as they are consumed by their primal instinct. And at the centre of it all, the mighty and radiant city of Solana stands eternal. Its people are devoted in their quest to bring all of humanity into the light… and yet, as unrest ripples through the land of Rathe, Sol’s light may not be enough to protect even their own precious city. In this time of change, there are those who would save humanity, and those who would see its demise. Those who can rise above their destiny have the change to change the course of history. Now is the time when heroes are forged, and legends are born.