Carving Up A Barrel of Foils Bundle (Pre order)



Release date: August 29, 2023.
Calling the saltwater dawn patrol—there’s a bodacious barrel of foils building offshore. It’s glistening in the sun, perfect to ride, ready to make chumps into champions. But this swell of shining cards is forming a once-in-a-generation tube. So if you’re gonna drop in, try not to wipe out.

All cards are English only.

™ MEE to Wizards. TM & © 2023 MEE & Wizards.

1x More Adventures in Middle-earth™ Foil Edition
1x Death Is Temporary, Metal Is Forever Foil Edition
1x Artist Series: Ryan Alexander Lee Foil Edition
1x The Stars Gaze Back Foil Edition
1x Goblin & Squabblin’ Foil Edition
1x Featuring: the Mountain Goats Foil Edition
1x Bad to the Bones Foil Edition