Deceptive Divination



Shipping begins March 8th.

1x Wall of Omens
1x Circular Logic
1x Scheming Symmetry
1x Price of Progress
1x Eternal Witness

Raven’s feather, serpent’s hiss,
Kingly knowledge, queenly kiss.
Lying whispers weave and wend
In cauldron dark, shadows blend.

Twist of fate and fortune’s flame,
Toss the dice, a cunning game.
Scattered secrets, hidden truth
Trust no one, ’tis forsooth.

Art by Alex Khabbazi

The copy of the card Circular Logic found in the “Deceptive Divination” drop was inadvertently printed as a sorcery, though we assure you, you can still cast it as an instant and the oracle text rules remain accurate. The error is found in both foil and non-foil versions.