Edgar Markov merchandise kit 2023(May 19 – June 19)



What Comes In The Kit? Merchandise 1x Ammonite Anti-Theft Backpack (Red/Black 2020-Exclusive) 4x Exclusive Transparent PVC Vampire Tokens (Steve Argyle Original Art) 1x Edgar Markov Card Binder (4-Card Pages) 1x Edgar Markov Playmat 1x Edgar Markov AR-Enhanced Pinfinity Pin 1x Pinfinity Grab Bag Drop – (Could be Common, Uncommon, or Rare!) 2x Packs of Judge Academy Sleeves Cards 1x Edgar Markov 1x Ezuri, Claw of Progress 1x Reflecting Pool 1x Morophon, the Boundless Preorder Window May 19 – June 19 (The preorder window will close early if the kits run out of stock before June 19. Kit quantities are highly limited, so don’t wait too long.)