Hard-Boiled Thrillers Foil Edition



Shipping begins March 8th.

1x Foil Reconnaissance
1x Foil Jace, Wielder of Mysteries
1x Foil Black Market
1x Foil Dire Undercurrents
1x Foil Obeka, Brute Chronologist

Dirty puddles reflect blinking neon lights as some deep, urgent jazz tune hangs heavy in the air. A rain-soaked fedora sits in the gutter.

“Was I double-crossed, or did I do the double-crossing?” the bruised detective asks no one but himself as he lurches to his feet. “Maybe it doesn’t matter—even the secrets have secrets in this town, and I ought to know better than to trust someone so lovely.” The bitter taste of betrayal always makes the truth even harder to swallow.

Now there were only two things left to do. Make sure that two-faced gangster gets what’s his, and don’t forget the hat.

Art by Josh Newton & Scott Okumura