June Superdrop 2022 — Full-of-Foils Bundle




This bundle contains all six foil drops available in the June 2022 Superdrop! The coming of the six June foil drops was also mentioned in the Ancient Scrolls but varies depending on the translation. The Lazlino edition actually translates the passage as six “noon boil mops,” which perplexed scholars for generations until more recent translations began to perplex scholars in a different way, because why the heck would the Ancient Scrolls be about niche Magic: The Gathering internet sales? The Ancient Scrolls are truly our society’s greatest mystery. This bundle is much more straightforward—six foil drops for your increasingly awesome collection.  1x Artist Series: Chris Rahn Traditional Foil Edition  1x Artist Series: Livia Prima Traditional Foil Edition  1x Artist Series: Volkan Baga Traditional Foil Edition  1x Rule the Room Traditional Foil Edition  1x Special Guest: kelogsloops Traditional Foil Edition  1x The Tokyo Lands Foil Etched Edition