June Superdrop 2022 — Non-stop, Non-Foil Bundle




Foils? Bah. No, thank you. This bundle has all six June 2022 drops in matte-tacular non-foil. This makes a lot of sense to you. Not everything in life needs to be foil. Cats are non-foil and they’re pretty good. The Ancient Scrolls aren’t foil, and their prophecies have dictated the ins and outs of everyday society for centuries. But, like, to be fair, if the prehistoric dinosaur monks who wrote the Ancient Scrolls had access to modern-day foiling technology, they’d probably foil the heck out of everything. But not you! This bundle is a no-fly zone for foil—six non-foil friends for your collection.   1x Artist Series: Chris Rahn  1x Artist Series: Livia Prima  1x Artist Series: Volkan Baga  1x Rule the Room  1x Special Guest: kelogsloops  1x The Tokyo Lands