June Superdrop 2022 — The Bundle Bundle




Y’all know the drill. This bundle is for bundle lovers ONLY. It’s two bundles bundled into one bundle! That’s what’s up. Much like how King Arthur was the only one able to yoink Excalibur out of the rock in which it was embedded, only you, the Bundle Lover Who Was Foretold, are worthy to place this double bundle in your digital shopping cart. If you turn to page 768 of the Ancient Scrolls (you do have your copy of the Ancient Scrolls handy, right?), you can see the part where your destiny was, uh, predestined. Or maybe that’s a chocolate smudge on our copy? Hard to say! Only one way to find out: it’s Bundle Bundle time, bud!  1x Full-of-Foils Bundle  1x Non-Stop, Non-Foil Bundle