More Adventures in Middle-earth™ Foil Edition



Release date: August 29, 2023. In far-off lands, legend tells of a powerful animator called Ralph Bakshi, whose art would come to life on a silver screen. It is said his handiwork influenced many and his talent impressed all. This set of cards celebrates his unparalleled wizardry and features art directly pulled from Bakshi’s 1978 animated classic, The Lord of the Rings. With these few cards, one might be able to conquer, or save, all of Middle-earth. All cards are English only. ™ MEE to Wizards. TM & © 2023 MEE & Wizards. 1x Foil Slip On the Ring 1x Foil Gandalf, Friend of the Shire 1x Foil Mirror of Galadriel 1x Foil Shire Terrace