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Release date: September 15, 2023.
Hello, this is Zachary with Bankbuster Video. I’m calling regarding an issue with your account. It seems that you that you have several overdue rentals, including “Rewind,” “Food Chain,” “Rampant Growth,” and “The First Sliver.”

Oh, I love that series! You gotta watch the rest.

Anyway, these movies were due back in 1997 and my system indicates you currently you owe $976.65 in late fees. We rely on our customers to return movies in a timely manner to keep our collection complete for others to enjoy, so please drop them off at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

Art by Julie Dillon, Chris Seaman, David Robert Hovey, Svetlin Velinov, and Scott Okumura

  • 1x Rewind
  • 1x Food Chain
  • 1x Rampant Growth
  • 1x The First Sliver