Pride 2022 Non Foil Edition



The time has come for LGBTQ+ nerds around the world to fall in love with the new set of queer-inclusive cards from Magic: The Gathering. Wizards of the Coast has announced a new collection of eight Magic: The Gathering cards featuring LGBTQ+ characters. “This year we are introducing Pride Across the Multiverse, a celebration of the LGBTQIA2S+ community’s relentless creativity,” the company said in a statement. “The cards in this Secret Lair drop draw from many experiences, and it is our hope that people find some part of their own unique selves reflected in these cards. 50% of each Pride Across the Multiverse purchase will be donated directly to The Trevor Project.” Stephanie Cheung, the art director for this Pride Across the Multiverse project, described her experience working on these queer-inclusive cards with Wizards of the Coast. “As a queer Asian American woman, working on this drop was deeply meaningful and a tremendous challenge,” Cheung explained. “I had the immense pleasure of working with an incredibly talented and playful group of people on this project.” The art director also elaborated on the idea behind these new cards: “Each card in Pride Across the Multiverse tells its own story of love, struggle, resilience, joy, and community. Stories are how we practice hope, and I think it’s so important to hope, to really be in the practice of holding fast and remaining true. It is our triumph, and we will shape the future with our ferocious resilience. I am so proud of what we were all able to accomplish in this set and thrilled to accompany you on this journey.” Scroll through to see the special Pride Across the Multiverse cards, and for more information, visit Magic’s official website here!