Secret Lair X Extra Life 2022 Foil Edition



Wizards of the Coast will once again partner with Extra Life to raise money for kids in the Seattle area through a Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair drop in November. WotC has raised over $4 million USD through a partnership with Extra Life over the last decade through MTG and Dungeons & Dragons. The Extra Life 2022 Secret Lair will directly raise money for the Seattle Children’s Autism Center, according to Mendy Minjarez on the Weekly MTG stream today. A total of 50 percent of the money raised from the Secret Lair drop will go to kids, adults, and families at the Autism Center. With a goal to raise $2 million dollars for 2022 through WotC charity events like the Extra Life Secret Lair 2022 drop, the MTG team took existing cards and had kids draw art for each card, along with flavor text. Three kids were chosen to have their artwork transformed by professional MTG artists on the cards Sliver Legion, Lathliss, Dragon Queen, and Birds of Paradise.