Secret Lair x Street Fighter



Release date: July 29, 2022


Here comes a new challenger! The legendary World Warriors of Street Fighter are ready to battle in Magic: The Gathering. Up the competition with cards for each of the eight playable characters featured in the original release of Street Fighter II. With these fighters in your deck or collection, Shadaloo doesn’t stand a chance.

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  • 1x E. Honda, Sumo Champion
  • 1x Ryu, World Warrior
  • 1x Ken, Burning Brawler
  • 1x Blanka, Ferocious Friend
  • 1x Chun-Li, Countless Kicks
  • 1x Dhalsim, Pliable Pacifist
  • 1x Guile, Sonic Soldier
  • 1x Zangief, the Red Cyclone

MTG Arena Redemption: