Showcase: March of the Machine Vol. 1



1x Halo Foil Wheel and Deal 1x Halo Foil Questing Beast 1x Halo Foil Olivia Voldaren 1x Halo Foil Walking Ballista 1x Halo Foil The World Tree Incoming reports from all corners of the Multiverse indicate the Machine Legion is sweeping across the planes, spreading their Phyrexian curse to all those unlucky enough to stand in their path! But all hope is not lost—many worlds remain defiant. Support the resistance with these showcase treatments in stunning Halo Foil from New Capenna, Eldraine, Innistrad, Kaladesh, and Kaldheim featuring beautiful art by Samy Halim, Omar Rayyan, Samuel Araya, Warren Mahy, and Matt Stikker.