Showcase: March of the Machine Vol. 3



1x Halo Foil Misdirection

1x Halo Foil Utvara Hellkite

1x Halo Foil Kogla, the Titan Ape

1x Halo Foil Nyxbloom Ancient

1x Halo Foil Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain


This battle has ended. Our legion has grown. We will march on and continue our domination of the Multiverse. All will be compleat. All will be one. We shall be guided in our campaign to assimilate the resistance by these showcase treatments in astonishing Halo Foil from Strixhaven, Ravnica, Ikoria, Theros, and Dominaria with perfect art by Rovina Cai, Alex Dos Diaz, Steve Ellis, Jason A. Engle, and Lisa Heidhoff.