Tearing Up A Sick Tube of Non-Foils Bundle (Pre order)



Release date: August 29, 2023. Yo surf rats, this sick tube of nonfoils is primed and ready for only the raddest rippers. So snag your surf stick and prep to tear up that liquid canvas. Only the true wave chasers can grab all these epic cards and still rock the shaka without heading to the hack shack. All cards are English only. ™ MEE to Wizards. TM & © 2023 MEE & Wizards. 1x More Adventures in Middle-earth™ 1x Death Is Temporary, Metal Is Forever 1x Artist Series: Ryan Alexander Lee 1x The Stars Gaze Back 1x Goblin & Squabblin’ 1x Featuring: the Mountain Goats 1x Bad to the Bones