Teferi’s Time Trouble




Teferi here. I may have made a little mistake. Honestly, it could happen to anyone. You know when you’re testing out a new kind of time magic,and you accidentally create an unstable time warp? Relatable, I’m sure. Now I’m stuck in the past with Dack and Karn, and we’re in retro frames! Also, our rules text is… different—like it was written almost 30 years ago. At least we’re illustrated by classic Magic artists Adam Rex, Greg Staples, and Mark Zug—something went right. I can’t imagine we’ll be here for long, so act fast if you want to preserve this moment in time!

  • 1x Retro Frame Dack Fayden
  • 1x Retro Frame Karn, the Great Creator
  • 1x Retro Frame Teferi, Time Raveler