The ’90s Binder Experience Foil Edition



Release date: April 14, 2023

Moooommm! I NEED these rad new borderless cards with full art from Paul Mafayon! Did you even see them!? They’re so cool! They have all my favorite animals and plus all my friends are totally getting them. C’mon! Please? Please? Please? Please? Puhlease!? ASK DAD!?!? Whatever. Don’t even go there. He doesn’t get it. He’s not cool like you—you’re all that and a bag of chips. Yeah, no duh I’m going to play with them. And keep them safe. Promise. Yes, Mother, if you buy them for me, I’ll take a chill pill. No doubt. REALLY?! THANKS MOM I LOVE YOU OKAY BYE I’M GOING TO DANIELLE’S HOUSE I’LL BE HOME FOR DINNER BYE!

All cards are English only.