“Transformers” Transformers: Roll Out or Rise Up Foil Edition




Release date: December 19, 2022 Demonstrate the heroism of the Autobots and the villainy of the Decepticons with six spell cards primed to roll out. Each gorgeously rendered piece captures an unforgettable moment from the saga, which will surely convert the heart of any dedicated fan into a Cybertronian Spark. Whether you’re collecting or powering up your deck, these spells have the precious Energon that bots crave. For Cybertron! © TOMY「トランスフォーマー」、「TRANSFORMERS」は株式会社タカラトミーの登録商標です。TRANSFORMER is a trademark of TOMY Company, Ltd. and used under license. In Japan only. HASBRO and TRANSFORMERS and all related trademarks, characters, logos, names and storylines are owned by Hasbro, Inc. © 2022 Hasbro.