We Celebrate the Foils Bundle



Shipping begins April 16th.

While the equinox marks the time of year when foil and non-foil are equal in the sky, there are some more drawn to the resplendence of foils. For them, this bundle includes only the scintillating foil cards that warm us with their luminous shine.

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1x Secret Lair x Fallout®: Vault Boy Foil Edition
1x Secret Lair x Fallout®: Points of Interest Foil Edition
1x Secret Lair x Fallout®: S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Foil Edition
1x Featuring: Phoebe Wahl Foil Edition
1x Diabolical Dioramas Foil Edition
1x Artist Series: Rovina Cai Foil Edition
Eligible for 1x Foil Ignoble Hierarch

Get 1x Foil Ignoble Hierarch with the purchase of select bundles. T&Cs may apply.